STILL BLIND OUR PLAY IS BASED ON A VERY COMMON TOPIC THAT IS ABOUT SUPERSTITIONS WHICH IS STILL PREVALENT IN MOST RURAL PARTS OF INDIA. SCENE 1: [SOUND OF CAR STOPPING] Narrator: Amit arrives at his village. Everyone looks at him with amazement. Villager 1(to his mom): Look Mom! Who has come it’s Amit! Villager 1’s Mom: Don’t go near him! He has been possessed by a ghost. Narrator: The other villagers start mumbling amongst themselves about Amit. The village headman arrives and everyone gathered around Amit. Village headman: Amit we are so happy that you are fine. We should thank Kalu Baba for his help who had sent out the blood sucking ghost inside you. It is because of his hardwork that you are fine today. Narrator: Meanwhile Dr Uncle arrives. Dr Uncle: [laughs] NO! This is not the case. No ghost can enter the human body. No one can suck blood except mosquitoes, etc. You are misunderstanding it. Wait! Let me explain it. Amit h