Narrator: Amit arrives at his village. Everyone looks at him with amazement.
Villager 1(to his mom): Look Mom! Who has come it’s Amit!
Villager 1’s Mom: Don’t go near him! He has been possessed by a ghost.
Narrator: The other villagers start mumbling amongst themselves about Amit. The village headman arrives and everyone gathered around Amit.
Village headman: Amit we are so happy that you are fine. We should thank Kalu Baba for his help who had sent out the blood sucking ghost inside you. It is because of his hardwork that you are fine today.
Narrator: Meanwhile Dr Uncle arrives.
Dr Uncle: [laughs] NO! This is not the case. No ghost can enter the human body. No one can suck blood except mosquitoes, etc. You are misunderstanding it. Wait! Let me explain it. Amit has been suffering from a disease Anemia. It happens when there is lack of healthy blood in the body.
Village Headman: Whoa whoa! Stop! Don’t try to interfere in or age old customs. For centuries we  prefer tantric baba’s  rather than doctor. Still due to the request of Amit’s mother, we also took him to the health-sub center but we could not find satisfactory result. Only then we took help of Kalu baba and now look at him how fit and fine he is.
Amit: No Malik, Uncle treated me in his hospital. He took me to the city. Wait! I will tell you everything from the beginning.
       Narrator: Amit was sitting in a chair and was reading a book. It was the third day in the row that Amit had not  attended school due to his poor health. Amit’s mother calls him for lunch.
Amit’s mother: Amit come and help me set the table for lunch.
Amit: Ok mom, I’m coming.
       Narrator: Amit picked up the glasses and was about to go when he fell down with a thud.
Amit’s mother: Amit!!!
        Narrator: As Amit’s mother was feeling helpless, she decided to call the village head man.
        Narrator: The village head man took Amit to the nearby health- sub center. The doctor gave him an injection and some medicines but could not identify the disease. Amit was back at home, lying in the bed.
Amit’s mother: Thank you, ‘Malik’.
Village Headman: It’s ok, it is my duty to help you. By the way, what is happening with Amit?
 Amit’s mother: I don’t know what’s happening with this chap. Tomorrow, I shall go to the temple and offer some fruits and flowers and pray for his well being.
Scene 4:
      Narrator: The next day amit’s mother went to the temple and offered fruits and flowers. As Amit’s mother was returning from the temple, she met one of her friends, Niti and told everything that had taken place with Amit.
Amit’s mother: So today I offered fruits and flowers in the temple.
Niti: You know these days are not good, you must take help of some tantric. I know a man that can help you.
Amit’s mother: Even in this advanced world you are believing in such useless superstitions. You are STILL BLIND! Oh! I must go, it is time to make the breakfast. Bye.
        Narrator: Niti didn’t seem pleased. Some evil ideas sparked in her brain. Niti goes to her house.
Niti’s husband: oh you came.
Niti(to her husband): I have come up with an idea that can fetch us some money.
Niti’s husband: Really!!(His eyes sparkled with greed)
Niti: Yes, one of my friend’s son is suffering from some disease. Let’s make them fool and loot some money.
Niti’s husband: Aren’t you talking about the friend whose husband died 2years ago?
Niti: Yes
Niti’s husband: I don’t think that they have much money.
Niti: She gets a pension of Rs 8000 per month. Moreover, she has very fine crafted jewelleries. We can sell them or keep them. And it is better to earn some money than nothing, as you have been kicked out by the landlord.
Niti’s husband: But how we will...
Niti: Just shut up! Listen my plan.(phss…phss)
Narrator: Niti told the plan to her husband.
Niti’s husband: Superb plan! You are genius.
Niti: Yes, I am!!
Scene 5:
     Narrator: The next day, Niti’s husband, disguised himself as a beggar, comes to Amit’s house.
Beggar: O’ MOTHER, give this hungry man some food.
Amit’s mother: Wait, I’ll give you some fruits.
     Narrator: Amit’s mother gave the beggar some fruits. As Amit’s mother was about to leave, the beggar stopped her.
Beggar: O’ mother, I see you are suffering from some tension of your son.
 Amit’s mother: Yes, but how do you know?
Beggar: I even know that your husband died away 2 years ago and that you are suffering from great misery.
Amit ‘s mother: What?
Beggar: I know everything. And only I can save your child. But I would require some items for which you must give me some money around Rs 10000.
     Narrator: Now Amit’s mother completely trusted the unknown beggar as he told about her family. And without thinking much she gave Rs5000 to the beggar.
Amit’s mother: I’ll give the rest of the money later.
Beggar: Ok, we have to perform a ritual. But I don’t think that it would be good to do it here. So, I recommend you to do it somewhere else.
Amit’s mother: Where should we perform it then, baba?
Beggar: I know a woman, Niti. I know that she is your friend.
 We’ll perform the ritual there.
Amit’s mother: Ok
     Narrator: The next day Amit’s mother takes Amit to Niti’s house. Amit was reluctant to go but his mother forced him to go.
Niti: Oh you all. Please come in. Kalu baba has told me everything.
Amit: Why have you bought me here?
Niti: You just keep quiet and sit here beta. Amit’ mother  come with me.
Narrator: Amit was feeling uneasy there. Suddenly smoke pops up. He begins to cough. Kalu Baba comes and ties Amit’s hands.

Amit’s mother: What are you doing with my son? Why have you tied his hands?
Baba: To send out the ghost inside him. Don’t ask any more questions, just sit in the corner.
Niti: Let him do his work , come and sit with me.
       Narrator: The baba performs some gruesome rituals on Amit.
Narrator: After an hour the ritual ended.
Kalu Baba: Niti.
Niti: What?
Kalu Baba: Bring that woman. I have done my work. 
Amit’s mother: This is all I have.
      Narrator: Amit’s mother gives Rs 2000 and her gold jewelleries to the baba. Instead of getting well , his health deteriorated further.
Baba: Ok , You may leave now. Niti help her.
Narrator: Amit,  Amit’s Mother and Niti leaves.
Baba Kalu: Hello friend! Let’s party tonight, I have fetch some huge amount of money.
        Narrator: The next day Amit’s mother wonders what will she do as she is left with no wealth.
Amit’s mother: I must go to the city to find some work but who will take care of Amit.
         Narrator: As she was thinking, she heard a knock on the door.
Amit’s mother: Oh its you Anesha, Please come in.
Anesha: Aunty, why has Amit not come to school these days?
Amit’s mother: He has been suffering from some illness.
Anesha: Sorry to hear this Aunty. Is Amit alright now?
Amit’s mother: He is better today. Yesterday, we performed some rituals. But still he is very weak to come out of bed.
Anesha: My uncle is a very good doctor. He works in the city. If I call him he’ll come and check Amit.
Amit’s Mother: No, I couldn’t afford expensive treatment. And we have already performed a ritual. He will get well soon.
Anesha:  But he will not charge you much.
Narrator: Anesha tries a lot to convince Amit’s mother. After some time Amit’s mother was partially convinced.
Amit’s mother: All right, you can call your uncle. But I am telling you right now that I don’t have anything to pay your uncle. Stay here and take care of Amit. I’ll come back by evening.
Anesha: All right, Aunty. I am calling my uncle.
 Narrator: After Amit’s Mother left, Anesha calls her uncle.
Anesha: Hello, uncle can you come to our village, its urgent.
Uncle: ok I’ m coming.
           Narrator: After an hour, Anesha’s uncle arrives and checks Amit.
Uncle: Anesha, We should take him to my hospital. He is suffering from anemia and proper care must be taken to cure it. Amit come with me. We will return by tomorrow. Amit, Don’t worry  about the money. Just trust me.
 Narrator: Amit and Doctor Uncle leaves for the city. Anesha sits in the room and is thinking. Amit’s mother arrives.
Amit’s mother: Amit!
Anesha: Aunty, Amit is not here.
Amit’s mother: NOT HERE!!! Where has he gone.
Anesha: He has gone to the city with my uncle.
                                  BACK TO 1st  SCENE
           Narrator: The scene again moves back to scene 1 where Amit was ordaling the incident.
Dr Uncle: This is the case. Like Amit’s Mother, you all are also wasting your money in performing useless superstitions. Whereas , doctors with modern equipments can cure most diseases within a short period of time and at a less expense. If I had not taken him with me to the city, he might have died.
Niti: No Malik, he’s lying . Kalu Baba cures us whenever we fall ill . The same has happened with this chap. Matter of fact, he charges only for the items that are necessary for the rituals. He donates the leftover to temples.
Villager: Why are we talking about the wealth of such a good  person. Through his practices, he has cured many of us.
Other Villagers: YES!YES!YES!
Narrator: Everyone character assassinates the doctor.
Dr Uncle: NO!NO! You are understanding it wrong. This is all superstitions.
Kalu Baba: Stop making them fool!
Narrator: Kalu Baba who was listening the conversation from the back ,makes his way through the villagers. Everyone greets him.
Kalu Baba: What are you speaking? For years, I have been curing thousands and thousands of people.
Niti: Malik, this doctor is insulting such an important person of the village. And you are just listening patiently? If this boy and his mother have any problem they can leave the village.
Village Headman: Doctor, leave us how we are right now, we are happy.
Villagers: YES! YES! YES!


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